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Featured Projects

  • CGAP (the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor), a division of the World Bank

    Half the world doesn't have access to formal financial services - here's an illustrated survey of what's being done.

  • MSN Money

    A look at the numbers behind the trends in retirement.

  • Slate and the Food and Environmental Reporting Network (FERN)

    Commissioned by the Food and Environmental Reporting Network (FERN) and Slate, this infographic describes an eight-nation plan to save the world's last healthy tuna stocks.

  • MSN Money

    2014 set the record for the most vehicles recalled ever - what happened?

  • MSN Healthy Living

    Produced for MSN's Healthy Living channel, this video looks at some of the health consequences from too much sugar.

  • College Spark

    This infographic for College Spark overviews the Navigation 101 program, which provides career preparation and college readiness guidance for low-income students.