Our Products

SwitchYard tells stories with words,  data, imagery and actions.

We specialize in interactive infographics, data visualizations and narrative stories that are presented independently or via slideshow modules.

Journalism is at the core of SwitchYard. We produce original content, researched, reported, designed and written by our interdisciplinary team.

We've developed customizable Flash templates that snap into your site's directory to instantly create an interactive content platform.

SwitchYard's array of storytelling tools -- customized infographics, articles, data visualizations and slideshows -- are plug-and-play.

We work with our clients to fashion content packages that resonate with their intended audience and maximize story impact.



Our interactive infographics encourage readers to explore. This is a non-linear approach to storytelling that puts control of the narrative in the hands of the reader.

Each click reveals another piece of the story.

Built on a Flash platform, our infographics can be as elaborate, or as simple as the story demands. SwitchYard's infographics provide an opportunity to combine a diversity of media, from videos and interactive charts to still photos and illustrations. The self-determined pace of exploration inherent in this category of story tends to engage readers and keep them on the page longer.


Interactive Graphics

Maps are a practical and convenient way to express big ideas quickly and efficiently.

Combined with a time series -- as we did with the HIV map on the left -- the enormity of an epidemic is instantly understandable. 

Our interactive maps have great flexibility. They are designed to visually convey what words alone cannot do. Using markers and databases, we can produce maps that provide dynamic, up-to-the-minute information in a robust multimedia environment. 


Data visualizations

The purpose of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphic representations. Aesthetics and actions (interactivity) are used to pursuade readers to explore data and make connections.

The graphic on the right is a simple example of how comparisons and time-specific data can enhance a story. SwitchYard frequently combines a variety of media to supplement data and provide focus.


Narrative Slideshow

Our forte is narrative, multimedia storytelling launched from a slideshow platform.  

Why? Because SwitchYard's Flash slideshow platform can present everything from text to video and interactive graphics; can be dynamically dimensioned; is capable of initiating instant translations; and plugs-and-plays into any Website directory.

What's more, our slideshows are "click magnets." They are highly engaging and generate prodigious page views for our clients.